Hello…anybody there? This is my first entry into the world of blogging and really all I’m here to say for now is to outline briefly what sort of nonsense I’ll be posting in the coming months. I am currently on the journey (gah that sounds so cheesy) to hopefully one day becoming a fully fledged published author although that seems a long way off at the moment. I have one self published title currently for sale on Amazon, a short story collection called A Dozen Tales of Misfortune although it has been doing reasonably well it is not exactly a best seller, I am proud of it nonetheless. The plan is to document the ups and downs of my hobby/fledgling career as well as to vent my thoughts and viewpoints concerning a number of topics that interest me such as current affairs, books I’ve loved or hated, films/ Tv I’ve seen and a number of sports that interest me such as rugby, boxing and MMA. Football is discussed and analyzed enough so I think I’ll leave that to others more qualified than myself. I am hardly an expert on the other topics but an amateur opinion is still an opinion so if you ever need to read the musings or rantings of a 36 year old Welshman I’ll see you soon.